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I used to be a big pop star, Sunshine

Ok THIS IS IT! THIS IS FOR THE WIN!! Please register + vote for Commissioner James Gordon Hastings! (1 vote per person per day only, please!)

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Hey guys!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted yesterday! I am asking you to pretty please vote again today, and ask your friends to vote!!

If we win today, Gordon will move on to the semifinals! If he loses this week's voting period, we'll have to submit him again! Any prize money earned from this will help Chris and I afford our wedding (or, you know...pay all of our other bills). Plus, you can't argue that Gordon is one of the cutest pups out there!!

Just look how cute he is when he eats an apple!

Come on, everyone! Let's shoot to beat 500!!

Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

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What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
A cartoon dog, or a bat.

Or a cartoon dogbat.


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For those of you who missed it, I'm currently having a "Help Carly and Chris Get Hitched" commission drive (documented in this post)! I thought I would post a reminder, and some samples of already finished commissions!

Again, here is the break down:

I will have 10 slots for orders, which will reopen at the beginning of each month.
I will only be accepting Paypal payments. (carly[dot]monardo[at]gmail[dot]com)

Here's what you can get!
$20 for an inked character drawing on bristol. ($8 for each additional character)
$100 for an inked character drawing on bristol plus full color print on stock - great for framing! ($18 for each additional character)

If you have something else in mind, but aren't sure it's applicable, just ask! We can definitely talk it over :)

If you don't have money, but want to help by spreading the word, that's great, too! Every little bit helps!


And here are two examples!

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Dudes! I need a person to paint, someone with WEIRD EYES, because that is the sort of person I like to draw. Examples include Thom Yorke, Rufus Sewell, Elijah Wood, etc. I was going to paint Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but his eyes are too squinty. Big glasses like the ones Wood wears in Everything Is Illuminated are a plus, but not necessary. Any ideas?
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 So, when the clock strikes midnight I will strike 25 years old. Yessir, my sister and I are Independence Day Babies, and no mistake. Did you know fireworks were invented in our honor? Truth!

I remember when I was a kid: 25 meant you were a grown up. Now that I'm here, I sure don't feel like a grown up...more like I'm playing at being one. Maybe when I'm 40  the reality of my spent youth will finally hit me, and I will take up the drink. I think I've heard of stuff like that happening.

Anyway here's something I drew for my sister. Can you figure out why I'm unemployed? I sure can't!
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I've been plugging this all over the place, but on the off chance you haven't seen it: I updated the Whirring Blender Design Challenge! And here's that trusty RSS feed again: [info]weeklydesign
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All right, so full disclosure: this isn't actually a Cuban sandwich. Obviously. It has no pork in it. BUT LISTEN: IT'S STILL REALLY TASTY AND YOU SHOULD TRY IT!

Let me show you how it's done:

1. Take chicken breasts (we cooked 4 half breasts to serve four people and we had two and a half breasts left over! Not a bad thing, really) and pat them dry with paper towel. Season with salt and pepper on both sides, and brush with some melted butter (2 tablespoons were enough for all 4 pieces of chicken). Place in a baking pan and bake at about 450° for an hour (or until internal temperature is at least 160°). 

2. While the chicken is cooking, combine 2 tablespoons honey, 1/4 cup Dijon mustard, and 1 teaspoon brown sugar. Start brushing this onto the chicken during the last few minutes of cooking. Repeat until glaze is gone. (Thank you, America's Test Kitchen!)

3. Carve cooked chicken into 1/4 inch slices and set aside.

4. Start heating your grill pan (or panini grill). If you choose a grill pan, which I did, make sure you have another heavy skillet to press the sandwiches with. If you don't have a heavy skillet, try using a plate or baking sheet weighted with canned goods.


5. Get your bread ready. I used rye bread because it's a flavorful but healthy option (again, not a legitimate Cuban). Place the chicken first, followed by a slice or two of ham, a slice of swiss cheese, and pickles. Add the top slice of bread.

6. Spray both slices of bread with Pam. Arrange the sandwiches on the skillet (I was able to do two at a time) and set the heavy pan on top of them. Cook until both sides have lovely grill marks on them and cheese has melted. Serve with mustard for dipping. Yum!


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Today is the 26th Birthday of the very best guy I know! Here he is eating his special birthday breakfast!

I love this man! I would take a bullet for him, and then wrap it in a pretty bow. He is the Burt to my Mary Poppins, taking my hand and leaping into a magical chalk-drawing world where animals talk and sing, children are well behaved, colors are brighter, and Dick Van Dyke passes as Cockney.  I am going to marry the shit out of him one day, and we are going to be the happiest people in the world! Hooray for Chris Hastings, the love of my life! I am super glad he was born!
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This fall on Fox, who will write ... THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL

Join 10 finalists as they race to write America's next great literary masterpiece! Who will emerge the victor? Will it be...


Michael Swanson, who attempts to defend his rather blatant racist propaganda as a "period piece"?


Jeffrey Gutenberg, the great, great (etc.) grandson of Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, whose pressure to live up to his family name (which actually has very little to do with writing) drives him to his alcoholic bottom?


James Mercury, D.Litt.(honorary), whose hit children's series, Down The Dumb-Dumb Hole, has left him craving more adult fare? 


Francis Lynn, who plans on rewriting Harper Lee's classic To Kill A Mockingbird entirely from the perspective of Boo Radley?


Ronald Boyle, who, until very recently, everyone believed was severely mentally handicapped? 


Edwin Birch, who believes there aren't enough books about war? 


Felix Wentworth, who wrote his first epic poem when he was three years old?

Declan O'Hara, who isn't really Irish?

Alfonse Lindt, who claims that Latin isn't really dead (and aims to prove it)?

...or will it be...

Bernard Gaffigan, who has "big plans" for bringing back Dark Romanticism (this time with more erotica)?  

Watch in astonishment as these ten authors do whatever it takes to realize their dreams! 
Experience anger but not surprise when you realize that the final ten includes neither women nor people of color!
Avert your eyes as week after week the judges mercilessly tear the contestants fresh new assholes!

Don't miss a minute of The Great American Novel (hosted by Edwin Larue, professional J.D. Salinger impersonator)!!


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