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Help Carly & Chris Get Hitched!
 As some of you may know, Chris and I are engaged! We'd like to get married next July, but money is very tight, and I'm currently unemployed. So I am turning to you, dear, sweet Internet, with the Help Carly & Chris Get Hitched Commission Drive!

Here's how it goes down:

I'll basically be following Dean Trippe's model for commissions, (with a few changes): 

I will have 10 slots for orders, which will reopen at the beginning of each month. 
I will only be accepting Paypal payments. (carly[dot]monardo[at]gmail[dot]com)

Here's what you can get!
$20 for an inked character drawing on bristol. ($8 for each additional character)
$100 for an inked character drawing on bristol plus full color print on stock - great for framing! ($18 for each additional character)

If you have something else in mind, but aren't sure it's applicable, just ask! We can definitely talk it over :)

If you don't have money, but want to help by spreading the word, that's great, too! Every little bit helps!


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